The Dupond

Everybody should have the opportunity to choose. We want everyone to have that feeling. For us it is important that every individual can express themselves in their own way.  It’s about your day, your goals, your style that matters.

We do not complicate things, we create elective opportunities.

Sunglasses has the strength to make us more confident. Its a detail that shows who we are and what every individual radiates. We think today’s sunglasses are way too expensive for the actual quality and for the value of the brand. We want different sunglasses for the clothes we wear and the activities that the day offers.

Sunglasses are made to be used in every activity, we want everybody to feel that they have their kind of style on the nose tip.A pair of sunglasses that radiates you. A pair of sunglasses with a reasonable price if you lose or damage them.

The Dupond is a statement for all individuals that are currently walking on this planet. We want to create something that shows who you are, your own trademark. In the park, the car, in the summer night with your friends and just the casual walk in the city. For every moment we create and catch.

wE are the dupond