The Dupond

Delivery Time

Our delivery time is between 5 -7 work days in Scandinavia and approximately 30 days for world wide shipping outside Scandinavia. Your order will be sent when it has been purchased and made it through the terms. As always you as a customer has the right to cancel the order. Send us an e-mail at, title the e-mail with “Cancel order” and type in:

  • Ordernumber
  • Payment confirmation
  • Productname and art number on the sunglasses you would like to cancel

After that, you will receive an e-mail with information about the canceled order. It can take a couple of days to receive the e-mail, but no worries, everything is under control.


We will send an order confirmation with information about your purchase by e-mail as soon as we have received your order. Save the order confirmation if you would need to contact us.

Payment options

We have made a contract with one of the best payment companies, just so you can feel safe and calm. We allow VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

As soon the payment and information are transferred to Glojärn of Sweden (, VAT: SE930620063601) we will complete the goods and send it to you.

Delivery charges

Shipping charges apply to all countries.


If you do not get your delivery or the product is damaged during the transportations. We accept the economic responsibility for that. Just contact us at where you can describe the problem, if the product is damaged, send it back to us and we will return the money as soon as we receive the return.

If you do not pick up your goods at the post office we reserve the right to charge you for all our costs that appear when handling your order and shipment. An invoice will be sent to you. Settlement of the invoice shall be within 10 days.

Return Policy

You have the right to return undamaged and unused products. You are assured with 60 days of return when you buy sunglasses from The Dupond. Try your sunglasses, experience the feeling and if you do not like it. Just send the sunglasses back to us. Contact us at and type in the following information:

  • Order number
  • Payment confirmation
  • Product name and art.number on the sunglasses you would like to return

You will receive a return note from us, put the sunglassbox in the deliverybox and place the return note at the deliverybox.

You as a customer has the full responsibility that the return will be delivered to Glojärn of Sweden.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Contracts between consumers and Glojärn of Sweden shall be governed by Swedish Law. Glojärn of Sweden follows the recommendations of the Swedish Consumer Authority. All above conditions apply solely to goods purchased by individual consumers


Sunglasses from The Dupond may not be used:

– in direct supervision of the sun

– as protection from artificial light sources, such as in a solarium

– as eye protection from impact, shock or working with machinery

– while driving at night or twilight

The lenses in our sunglasses hold UV400 protection.

Meets EU standard:

EN 14139: 2010

EN ISO 12312-1